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Floor heating small class? Under what circumstances does the floor heating water collector need to be replaced?

2022-04-20 1644


Generally speaking, the water collector is mainly composed of water separator, water collector and fixed support. In the geothermal heating system with circulating water as the medium, the water collector is mainly responsible for the opening and closing of water flow in the ground heating loop.

The function of the water separator is to separate the hot water from the heat source into the pipe laid by the ground radiant heating of each road, so as to realize the purpose of room heating and temperature regulation. The water collector is to collect the low-temperature water in each road after separate heat dissipation and fix it to the wall or ground.


However, any product has a certain service life and service life. If this point is ignored in the process of using the water collector, it is easy to cause water seepage or even burst, which will bring inconvenience and loss to users. So now the question is, how can we judge whether the diversity water collector should be replaced? Under what circumstances does the water collector need to be replaced?

Visually inspect for rust

If there is excessive water seepage during the use of the water collector, green rust stains will be formed on the surface of the water collector, which should be paid attention to at this time. Especially when rust stains appear on the axis of the regulating valve, be more cautious.

If the rust stain is very serious, the water collector has no use value and should be replaced decisively.

Rotate the regulating valve to see if it can twist

Manually rotate the knob of the regulating valve. If it cannot be turned, it indicates that the valve body is rusted, the quality of the water collector is poor, and there are many potential safety hazards. It should be replaced as soon as possible.


The service life is more than 10 years

If the installation of floor heating and the use of water collector have reached more than ten years, you should pay more attention and observe in the process of use, and you can replace it as appropriate.

In a word, product safety is the most important issue in home life. When choosing heating products, do not choose some low-quality products in order to save money, adding an irregular risk factor to the family; Professionals should also be selected for scientific and formal operation during installation; In use, we should pay more attention to observation and protection, find problems as soon as possible, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and take preventive measures.