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Visual representative mark

¡¡¡¡Through the coat colours - blue and fixed the text on design logos, to form the whole service team the unity on the vision, also represents action unity. Blue represents prepare for consumer services moments, ldquo is &; Wholeheartedly, make you satisfied & rdquo; Service the best form of expression. Slogan

WTM Services

¡¡¡¡Internal to¡°6S¡±£¨Sorting, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety £©, the implementation of the company and its management has been further regulating, internal image has set up, the company's external image reflected in all aspects of the business
And service¡°6S¡±And internal management¡°6S¡±And to build, set up to keep the valve industry famous - thao source. The best form of expression

¡ª¡ªSays smile at people

¡ª¡ªIs proficient in the service work

¡ª¡ªFor customer's attitude is kind

¡ª¡ªEvery customer is to as a special and important big shots

¡ª¡ªIs to invite each customer visit next time again

¡ª¡ªIs to provide the customer to create a warm environment

¡ª¡ªIs to use eyes to express to the customer's care


We can according to the seven letters mean to check their services performance requirements, and provide services for our manufacturers also want to do it

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